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Grooti is a platform that provides insights to potential impact investment information.

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The population of the world is on a constant rise. With a population of over 7 billion, an awareness of our limited resources is always a growing concern for countries all over the world. A call for Initiatives for more sustainable practices is also on the rise, with a growing strain on natural resources, customers are demanding better business practices whether it be in the health sector, agriculture, finance or other industries.Social responsible investments has been a growing area of the finance industry. In recent years multiple organizations have joined in to participate in Social responsible investments. Impact investments a form of investment with positive impact on society is growing to be one of the areas getting attention. As technology is enabling more people to invest via social platforms and apps, there is a growing interest in impact investments however younger audiences not well versed in finance have a hard time know what to invest in. This project is to create a platform that can help in this conversation.


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